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Atlanta Falcons have something to prove this season. Despite their great run, they lost at last yeas’ 51st Superbowl in an incredible match against New England Patriots, the first championship in NFL history to be resolved in overtime. This however didn’t stop Falcons from winning NFC South championship the same year, taking the title for the second time. With star-studded roster, led by previous years’ MVP in all of the Leauge, Matt Ryan, they’ll certainly look to do some damage on their way to the championship.

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons


However, pre-season matches had caught Falcons off-guard, or maybe they werejust saving the steam til’ the start of the season, anyway all four matches, respectively against Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals and Jacksonville Jaguars ended with Atlanta team on the knees. Things weren’t looking too bright. Then came the beginning of the season.


Sept.10 game against Chicago Bears on Soldier Field and Sept. 17 matchup with Green Bay Packers at Falcons’ own. brand-new Mercedes-Benz arena were both spectacular wins for The Dirty Birds, so Falcon fans look to the future with optimism, having won those crucial first two weeks, with nice and clean 2-0 record. Now, taking all of it into account, let’s make some Atlanta Falcons game predictions for 2017 season.


Week 3: Sunday,Sept. 24, at Detroit Lions

This should’t be much of a sweat for Falcons, a team in their prime, to take advantage of one of the leauge’s

worst red zone defense from previous season. But hey, we should not forget that strugglign teams have a

way of pulling unpleasant surprises. Record:3-O.


Week 4: Sunday, Oct 1, vs Buffalo Bills

The Bills had a decent run, but Falcons reinforced that they have strength on their new home arena, and it’s

expected to continue serving them well. Record: 4-0.


Week 5: BYE


Week 6: Sunday, Oct. 15, vs Miami Dolphins

Despite their failure to defeat Dolphins in the pre-season, Falcons should be running at full power now, and

still have some wind in their in the wings from successful streak. Record: 5-0.


Week 7: Sunday, Oct. 22 at New England Patriots

That’s a big one. Patriots pulled of an amazing comeback in the previous season finale, taking Superbowl

Championship home and leaving Falcons devastated. Dirty Birds will surely put all they got into this match,

proving to the world, and themselves, they have what it takes to compete for the trophy yet again. But Tom

Brady at home is a dangerous enemy, and Patriots will definitely give this one up easily. But ulitmately,

Falcons’ drive should carry them to the win this time. Record 6-0.


Week 8: Sunday, Oct. 29, at New York Jets

It’s gonna be a second consecutive Falcons game away from home and they may start feeling a little bit tired,

especially after their Patriots rematch, but Jets winning is not a very probable scenario right now. Record: 7-0


Week 9: Sunday, Nov. 5 at Carolina Panthers

Third week on the road will drive anybody down, and Panthers have some scores to settle after both losses

against Falcons last season. This will prove to be a challange to Atlanta team. Record: 7-1


Week 10: Sunday, Nov. 12 vs Dallas Cowboys

Finally back home, but still a bit off, and facing Cowboys’ challanging team-up, which includes the likes of

Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott, it will be a tough run for Falcons. Record: 7-2


Week 11: Monday, Nov. 20, at Seattle Seahawks

There are some stakes in this match, as there seems to be some rivalry between Falcons’ wide reciever Julio

Jones and Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman, who put his hand in last years win for Seahawks in

Seattle. Let’s see what happens this time. Record: 7-3.


Week 12: Sunday, Nov. 26, vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Falcons had to get through Buccaneers to get ther last years’ NFC South championship last year, and will

certainly do their best not to be stopped by them on their way for Superbowl, especially back at home, where

the last two matches at Falcons’ nest saw Buccaneers victorious. Record: 8-3.


Week 13: Sunday, Dec. 3, vs Minnesota Vikings

Looks like a clean win for Falcons, especially because Vikings lost Adrian Peterson. Looks good on paper, at

least. But there are some matches out there, where you just lose, and this may very well be the one.Record:



Week 14: Thursday, Dec. 7, vs New Orleans Saints

This looks like it should be an even matchup between old rivals. Falcons gave a better performance last

season, but it may just give Saints an edge they’ll need. But it probably won’t, given the Falcons stats

showed them as the only ones averaging over 30 points per game. Record: 9-4.


Week 15: Monday, Dec. 18, at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Because of the fact that Buccaneers are an improving team and considering Winston’s good run, it will be a

tough battle for sure, especially with a great defensive tackle Gerald McCoy on Buccaneers team, if he will be

in the zone. Record: 9-5.


Week 16: Sunday Dec. 24, at New Orleans Saints

After a loss on the road, Saints will do everything they can to stop Falcons from triumphing at their own field,

but Falcons will also have a great deal of motivation towards beating the Saints to a pulp, and finish strong,

just as the coach Dan Quinn is known to repeat many times. And the divison title may be on the line, so this

confrontation should make for a great early Christmas present for Falcon fans. Record: 10-5.


Week 17: Sunday, Dec. 24, vs Carolina Panthers

This should make a great beginning of the New Year for Atlanta Falcons and their fans, with the team

finishing this one with decisive rematch victory. The Panthers will surely put out a valiant effort, but it’s just

gonna simply be a Falcons game. Anyway, the show will surely be great, and if no one falls sick or gets

injured, this should be a really happy day for people of Atlanta. Record: 11-5.



And that’s it. This season already proved to be exciting, and some big stuff may very well go down the

deeper we go into the season. The matchups look good and some of them will be quite rare in the league, so

there is a lot to look forward to.

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